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How to choose the right winter sweaters for your dog

When the cold winter months start to roll in, you take out your winter clothes and keep yourself warm. The same should be done for your dogs. Dogs that have short-haired coats and are either very young or very old need doggie winter apparel. You can find a lot of dog coats and doggie sweaters in Bitch-New-York.

doggie sweaters in Bitch-New-York

With all the options you have for winter dog apparel, making the right choice can be a bit of a challenge. You can go by price and buy cheap dog sweaters, but these may not keep your fur babies suitably warm. To make the right choice, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

Pick a sweater with an easy-to-wash fabric – Not all sweaters come in materials that are easy to take care of. Fabrics that can be easily washed and dried are your best option. Whether it’s a puppy sweater or one for a grown dog, an easy-to-care-for material will make it easy for you to keep the sweater clean.
Find a sweater that won’t irritate your dog – Another thing you have to consider is your dog’s sensitivity to specific materials. Some sweater fabrics can be itchy or irritating to a dog’s skin. If the sweater you buy seems to make your dog uncomfortable, don’t let them wear it. They may be allergic to the material in the sweater.
Choose a design that is not complicated – Buckles, zippers, and buttons may look cute on the sweater you are buying, but these can be annoying for your dog. Designs that don’t have too many embellishments should be chosen over those that are too elaborate. Click here Bitch New York
Pick a design that is easy to put on your dog – Dressing up your pet with a sweater for dogs can be something of a struggle. This is particularly true if the design makes it difficult for you to put the apparel on your dog. Find a design that is easy for your dog to wear, like those with snaps and stretchable openings for the legs and the neck.

Other useful tips when selecting a sweater for your dog

While browsing through the doggie sweaters in Bitch-New-York, keep in mind that your dog’s comfort should always come first. If the sweater you bought for your dog makes them uncomfortable, take it off. If they break out in a rash after a few hours of wearing it, take it off.

It is also recommended that you don’t keep the sweater on your dog for more than a few hours at a time. Remove it every few hours to avoid problems, like overheating, particularly if they are indoors. Also, make sure that the design does not interfere with their normal habits, like peeing and pooping. There are doggie sweaters in Bitch-New-York that allow your pets to answer the call of nature easily without soiling the sweater.

Choosing the right sweater for your dog needs not be that big of a challenge. As long as you know what is ideal for your pet and what to avoid, you will easily find what you need. Check out the inventory at where you can get the best sweaters and other apparel for your pet.