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Common speech and language problems speech therapists can treat

There are different types of speech disorders. Each has unique causes and requires specific treatments from specialists. Thus, speech therapists in Queensland shape their solutions to address individual cases efficiently. Therefore, anyone with speech problems, whether they’re mild or severe, can trust in a speech therapy Townsville has to offer.


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Most especially, kids who experience delayed language learning should undergo speech therapy. Stammering or stuttering on any age group requires attention from experts as well. Moreover, speech therapy can even help people who acquired speech problems because of a stroke.


Besides those issues, there are other speech problems these experts can treat.


What speech problems can professional speech therapists address


Speech and language disorder comes in different forms; nonetheless, they all affect a person’s daily living seriously. Thus, it’s important to consult a speech pathology Gold Coast or Townsville expert to treat any of these common issues:


Stammering or stuttering


This is the most common speech disorder, which is characterized by repeatedly stumbling over the syllables of a word. Moreover, non-verbal signs comprise this issue as well, such as blinking and tics. These involuntary cues help speech therapy Gold Coast specialists diagnose stammering speech disorder.


Cluttering is another common speech problem that involves fluency. A person who suffers from cluttering tends to talk too much rapidly. They have excessive use of “well”, “uhmmm…”, “so”, and “like” among other unnecessary words. As a result, they corrupt or collapse many words by excluding a lot of syllables.


This problem requires early age intervention by a speech pathologist for the best results. However, speech therapy can work for adults with cluttering problems, too.


Apraxia of Speech
Apraxia of Speech (AOS) is the inability of speech muscles to articulate words from the brain. The speech muscles usually don’t have any problems but the complications lie on the neural pathways from the brain to these muscles. As a result, people who have AOS cannot speak out the clear words they’re thinking.


This speech disorder can be acquired through brain damage, such as in cases of stroke. However, many kids show congenital AOS, too. Although they are working on it, some of the speech therapy Townsville experts might haven’t identified the exact causes of the latter yet.


Spasmodic Dysphonia
Spasmodic Dysphonia is a common speech disorder that severely affects the voice. It makes the vocal cords ripple while talking, which results in a shaky or hoarse voice. That makes a person’s speech difficult to understand.


This speech disorder begins to manifest around the age of 30 to 50. And it’s usually associated with the aging process. However, an otolaryngology examination is necessary together with speech therapy. It makes sure that Spasmodic Dysphonia causes the unusual voice of a person.


Commonly known as speech delay, Alalia is a speech disorder among kids who aren’t attempting to communicate verbally. It has various possible causes, such as learning disabilities, brain damage, or in cases of late bloomers.


Speech therapy Townsville experts have to evaluate the speech and language aspects of a child. That’s how they identify possible causes of Alalia and how they come up with the best treatment plan for an individual case.


Final notes
These are a few common problems speech pathologists can address. There is still more of it that comes in varying form. Thus, consultation is necessary upon noticing any speech problems as early as possible.


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